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Choosing the right styled photographer is imperative to capturing a wedding that best suits you.

We live for moments, they’re everything we have in life. From these moments, memories are created or developed which can stay with us a lifetime. It is the memories of moments which has brought you to this point of your relationship.

Your wedding is a celebration. A chance to celebrate your love, those fleeting moments – the loving glances, tender kisses, shared laughter and joyful tears – the connections between people; with those closest and dearest to us. An opportunity to join lives and bind families together.

It’s important to let these events of the day take place understanding how  and where to position ourselves to best capture them. Witnessing sincere emotions, timing perfect captures to creating lasting impressions.


Create a budget - Plan - Revisit that budget figure - Cry - Repeat

Planning a wedding can be a mammoth task. Some of us live for these moments. Others, we just want to pass it onto someone else as soon as possible. Either way, there are always going to be some questions to answer.

Set a Date

From the moment of your engagement you will have people asking when the wedding date is. The reality is that you will not be able to set an exact wedding date until other major decisions – like choosing and booking your venue, are decided. Initially focus on a date range that works for you. Take into account, seasons, major holidays, family events and making sure you leave enough time for the organisation process.

Decide on a Style

Now we understand choosing a wedding dress is probably 60% of the reason you are getting married but we suggest starting by looking at the big picture. Imagine a style or feel which best represents you as a couple. Decide if you want something big or rather it small and intimate? Does something outdoors work or would a destination wedding suit you better? Would you be interested in a modern, classic, vintage or rustic styled occasion. Maybe you just want to be all out glamour!


Which photographic style best represent you and will best capture your wedding day?

Now it is probably safe to assume that photography is why you’re here.

If you have researched well you should have come across photographers explaining that there isn’t a specific style that a wedding can be shot. Unfortunately they could’t be more wrong and rather than being incorrect this comes back to inexperience in the broader part of the photographic industry. As photographers we all have a different eye for what we see and where some may excel in one field they may struggle in others.


This is a popular style and probably the first style many photographers use when they enter the industry. Candid photography is predominantly shot when the subjects are unaware of the photographer so they appear more relaxed. Sometimes this is achieved by using a longer lens so our subjects remain unaware they are being photographed.


 Imagery that is put together to form a story comes under this style. Your photographer will specifically go out of their way to capture the event as it happens. This style of photography is designed to be displayed in chronological order detailing the story without manipulating or directing anything like a fly on the wall. This photographer has to know how and where to put themselves at the right time to best capture unexpected moments. 


This is more of a controlled form of photography with your photographer having a better knowledge about posing, lighting and direction. Glamour and portrait photography is about close up and full bodied images with the focus based around the subjects face, especially the eyes. The posing and lighting is much more flattering which requires your photographer to have a better understanding of their equipment and natural movement. To capture more natural expressions this requires your photographer to be more interactive with their subjects sometimes cracking a joke or using trigger questions/phrases to control the mood.


Unlike glamour which the main focus is on faces, fashion photography will emphasise a look, a scene or a product. Fashion photography is generally more creative and interesting and a good fashion style photographers have a strong grasp of positioning, composition and lighting techniques. A good fashion photographer should be able to take interesting art pieces which would look great on anyone’s wall rather than only the subjects. Fashion photography requires a keener understanding of photography, lighting and the location. It is beneficial to keep a make-up artist and stylist handy for any running changes.

Choosing your photographer and style

Many wedding photographers specifically will either tell you “there are no real styles” or “I can shoot all of the styles” and if you do come across this, chances are they are a candid photographer or as we refer to them in the industry as – A GWC (Guy/Girl with a camera).

From our perspective

Our recommendation would be to book a two photographer team. Choose photographers with contrasting skill sets which will capture a more complete version of your day.


This is a question we are constantly asked as there seems to be a real fear and an abundance of horror posing stories

NO! We are glamour photographers first so we have spent years perfecting our craft. For us this isn’t solely limited to the technical but also consisted of mastering the understanding of movement and angles specific specific to different body shapes and sizes. We don’t only own different cameras and lenses for focal range but we choose to use these specifically to change the lens compression of images. This allows us at times to give the impression someone is taller, shorter, fatter, thinner etc.

We have spent years in studio with clients coming up to us and informing us what they do or don’t like about themselves. It is our job to understand this and either display or hide the prominence of these areas. It is generally safe to say that you will show us more on your wedding day naturally and without realising it than what you will in our pre-meeting.

Both posing and understanding light are important areas when it comes to photography. When choosing your photographer make sure you look further than the happy couple. Look at an image and ask yourself “Would I hang this on my wall?”

Wedding Questionnaire

Have you thought of everything you need for your wedding day?
Leave us your details and we will send you a free questionnaire for your day. 



Pixel Matrix are excited to announce our first full wedding season available to shoot in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

To celebrate, we are offering some insane pricing discounts on our wedding photography packages with prices being dropped by 40% and more!!! As you could imagine days can book fast so make sure you get your deposits in and dates secured as soon as possible.

Once secured we will send through a specialist questionnaire just for you so we can start planning your special day alongside you.

  • $2990

    Normally $4985
  • Choose one specialist style of photographer
  • Up to 6 hours onsite
  • All images High Resolution
  • All Images Edited
  • 20 Full Retouched Images
  • $5990

    Normally $9995
  • Choose two specialist styles of photographers
  • Up to 12 hours onsite
  • Professional Hair and Makeup for up to 4 faces. (includes trial for bride)
  • All images High Resolution
  • All Images Edited
  • 20 Photo Album featuring 40 Full Retouched Images
  • 2 x 24x30 Inch Framed/Canvas Images
  • 5 photo 10x10 inch Framed/Canvas black and white image series with Full Retouching
  • $4790

    Normally $7995
  • Two Photographers
  • Choose one specialist style of photographer
  • Up to 8 hours onsite
  • Cool Feature Here
  • All Images Edited
  • 20 Photo Album featuring 20 Full Retouched Images
  • $3695

    Two Video Specialists
  • High Definition recording with Specialist Equipment
  • Up to 5 hours onsite
  • Bride and Groom Preparation
  • Ceremony and Reception
  • Quality Sound Recording Equipment
  • Wedding Day Show Reel cut with Wedding Vows

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