Hemi Hārā – Photographer

As far as wedding photography goes I am not your most conventional shooter.

I can turn up in shorts and a t-shirt as I have destroyed far too many suits for a photo. I will generally bring at least two of pairs of shoes in case one set gets wet or destroyed. I do this so I am happy to get into weird positions, climb trees, fall off cliff faces or tread water.

With weddings, my goal is to create one-off pieces of wall art. I don’t only see the image in my frame but also the media it is to be presented on.

I’m bossy.

I direct you in what I need you to do,
I tell you how I need you to pose,
I control where I need you to look,

and by the end of the day, I can basically do all that without saying a word.

I communicate with you constantly throughout the process so I control your nerves and keep you moving so you’re not just standing there feeling like a ?. This takes away your overthinking because you are too busy to even start.

With my camera in hand, I turn into a control freak but that is why you hire me.

I’m not here to win competitions. I am here to create art with you on your day.

Hemi Hārā - Principal Photographer