Tara and Ben – Ideal Bride Expo Competition Winners Part 1 – Some of you may remember that in March last year, we attended the Ideal Bride Expo at Brisbane City Hall, and did something crazy! We ran a competition to give away a wedding photography package worth over $6000!

From all of the entries, we drew around 30 Finalists. Each of these couples came out to the studio to be pampered and primed for an awesome Engagement Session – on us!!

From each engagement session, our couples chose their favourite image, and we then posted those online for a round of voting. It was such a fun competition that we are about to launch it for the second time at the Ideal Bride Expo on 18-19 February.

Here is just a small sample of the shots that we captured during the previous engagement sessions:

As you can see we had an absolute ball with all of the lovely couples that we met, and right until the very last day, the voting was neck’n’neck!

But in the end, young parents Tara and Ben proved to be our winners and together with their baby boy Chase, they went on to organise their wedding at the well known Golden Ox, at Margate.

With a new baby and a wedding to plan for, we couldn’t have chosen a more deserving couple to be our winners and we were excitedly looking forward to their big day!

The day proved to be a windy one, and stormy too!  As is typical of the weather in Brisbane at that time of year.  However, putting their heads together, Hemi and Tan were able to come up with some fantastic ideas and scenarios that ensured Tara and Ben received the wedding images that they dreamed of!

They started their day by joining Tara and her bridesmaids for their final preparations at Tara and Ben’s home.  Hemi and Tan ensured that every exciting detail was capture to perfection for the blushing bride.  Even a certain little man who wasn’t so sold on the festivities going on around his highchair!

Tara was a stunning bride, choosing a traditional and classic look, combined with some modern touches to ensure a timeless result.

Tara’s beautiful flowers were provided by Brisbane Flowers, and her beautiful gown was from Love Show.  JPs Hair Beauty Body ensured that all of the girls had perfect hair and makeup and the tangerine gowns worn by Tara’s bridesmaids were purchased from P.S. Frocks.

This truly was a family affair with so many little personal touches through-out the day to remind guests just how important Tara and Ben and their family are to each other.  Tara’s outfit was made complete by wearing her great grandmother’s brooch, and at the conclusion of the ceremony, she was presented with the horseshoes that her mother carried on her wedding day.

When they arrived at The Golden Ox, Hemi and Tan were greeted by a smiling Ben who couldn’t wait to see his bride for the first time.  Tara was, of course, “traditionally late” and as the minutes ticked by Ben started shaking in his boots, just a little. 🙂

He had nothing to fear though, and before long, the bridal limousine pulled in and the sounds of Pachelbel’s Canon began to fill the air.

Tara’s Mum and Dad stood proudly at the kerb, cradling little Chase, to help her from the car.  Tara’s Mum began the long-awaited walk down the aisle with Chase in her arms, soon followed by bridesmaid Caitlin and maid-of-honour Keri-Anne.

Finally, the moment arrived that Ben got to see his bride for the very first time, and his expression showed that it was absolutely worth the wait!

And then the fun began…

The traditional ceremony was truly a beautiful and joyous celebration, with a few tears shed as their vows were exchanged.

There was laughter and fun too.  It was everything that a wedding should be!

Following on with the traditional theme of the day, they exchanged classically designed yellow gold rings, and sealed their union with a kiss.

This is a couple who are truly in love, and they were caught showing it at every opportunity! Hemi and Tan had many opportunities to capture their genuine closeness and it made it such a lovely day.

After signing the registry, the official announcement was made and Mr and Mrs Morriss were introduced to their guests for the very first time.

Now we have just so many images from this beautiful day to share with you, and this post is getting a little out of hand. 🙂  We’re going to leave it there for now!  So please join us for Part 2 of this very special day in the next post, and please leave a comment or two to congratulate Tara and Ben!